Sell a house fast

Real estate is indeed one of the most lucrative industries in San Diego, California. The growth can be attributed to the ever increasing demand for proper housing due to the ever surging city population. Both the residential and the commercial housing demand have been on the rise over the last three decades and the trend does not show any sign of moving in the opposite direction soon. Apart from the rentals, buying and selling of houses is one of the main activities in San Diego real estate. But among the many transactions, foreclosed houses are unique when it comes to selling.

Foreclosure or the real estate owned (REO) property is a house owned by the lender after the previous owner failed to pay up or defaulted on the loan. It may also be referred to as a bank owned property. If you want to sell such a property fast, you need to do a few things to attract house hunters. These are factors that you must consider for a foreclosed house to sell fast especially in low season:

1. Have the  right documents:
Foreclosed homes are sold by a third party and not the real owner. Any buyer would be concerned about the authenticity of the sale and the only way that you can prove it is by having all the documents that are required. You must prove the buyer that the documents are authentic and that buyer will never have problems in the future with the original owner of the house. The transaction must also be transparent and all deals are to be made over the table. This will improve the potential buyer confidence and the house will definitely sell faster than you expect.

2.  Price it right
One thing that can make it hard to sell a house particularly in the city of San Diego is the purchase price of the home. Regardless of how beautiful the house, it necessary to give it the right price if you want it to sell fast. Many sellers tend to inflate the price by quoting a ridiculously high amount. You must do proper market research to find out the perfect price that the home is likely to sell at.  Foreclosed homes are usually cheap compared to the rest since the lender is mostly interested in getting back his money. A lower priced home will definitely attract more buyers and the house will sell a lot faster.

3. Enhance the curb appeal
Appearance is key when it comes to real estate. The first impression that a buyer will have in looking at the house will determine if they will buy the house or not. It’s not unique in San Diego real estate but it’s in any market place. The curb appeal and the whole of the exterior environment of the house will be the first thing that a potential buyer will come into contact with. You must enhance it by adding new sod, replacing the mailbox if the current one is not appealing, planting new flowers or painting any faded part of the house. This will enhance the buyer appeal to the house instantly.

4. Clean the clutter
It is imperative to remove all the clutter the previous owner may have had before you open the house for previews with potential buyers.  Something like the family photographs and the personal items will not be of any importance to the buyer. A lot of furniture regardless of its beauty can deter buyers from buying the house. You must create space to allow the buyer to picture themselves in the house. Therefore, you need to open up the house removing some of the excess clutter whether it be furniture or just extra things.

5.  Get the home in a move in Condition
Anyone buying a home or house will be interested in a property that they will buy and move in directly without any problems. Make sure that the doors, electrical and appliances and plumbing are in compliance with San Diego building codes and are also functional. This will give the potential house hunter an impression that they can move right in after completing getting ownership. No one would entertain the idea of spending time or money to fix a house after buying.  However, you can sell a house fast if you get it in mint condition.

6. Sweeten the deal
To attract buyers, you can make the deal sweeter by making the buyer feel that they are making a good deal. You may offer the potential buyer some credit towards the closing costs or pay the entire amount of their closing costs and this will definitely attract many buyers. It will also be a great idea to close in a short amount of time- 30 to 60 days will attract many home hunters.

These are just a few tips that will make a house in foreclosure sell fast. There are several others although these are the main. If they are followed precisely, you will sell sooner than you expect.  You,  the seller are happy and so is your buyer!

Real Estate Homes for Sale

Sometimes there are lot of homes for sale on the market and sometimes there are not a lot of homes on the market.  A lot of people at that time were “totallyovarit”! Since the market crash of 2008 the market has made a comeback in most states.  During that time the housing market value literally crashed as we all know.  Since we have now made a recovery from that time looking to buy a house is now a good time.  Interest rates are still very low and finding that right house can still be good time to do it now.  Due to the reason that many had been foreclosed upon and the bank wanting to sell them, there still are good deals to be purchased out there.   Not only are there good deals to be purchased with foreclosures but some home owners have had to do a short sale.  These short sales the bank definitely wants to sell so they can get a portion of their money back.   Many of these real estate foreclosures and short sales happened in major states and cities like Florida, Las Vegas, Nevada and San Diego, California to name a few.

Reason Homes Are For Sale:
For several reasons few owners want to sell their house now.  Since the home market is not what it was in the earlier days of 2005-2007, some feel that they may lose on the home equity that once was very significant.  If the seller purchased the home five or more years ago the home will have had increased in value but may not be as much as it was back in 2005 – 2007.   Therefore, the owner feels that they may have to sell it at a loss, which is quite the contrary!  Based upon which state you live in such as a home for sale in San Diego. Certain homes like these which cost in the 900,000 to $1mil plus back in the year 2006 are today selling for 450,000 – 700,000. Not to mention that the number of new building permits has somewhat simmered down because of this rift that happened with the correction of the market.

Area requirements:
If you want a future in flipping houses, then you most certainly will want to do your homework and due diligence for each property you are interested in. The important thing to keep in mind is that when flipping homes and selling them be sure to not rip off the purchaser.  Also make sure to not waste your time with uninterested purchasers. Keep in mind the more money you save, the more money you want to sink in to enhancing the property value.  By saving more money you can pay all cash for the home you are wanting to flip.    Do not neglect remodeling and upgrades. If your new property is terribly outdated with appliances or wallpaper, update them. If there are safety hazards, be sure to consider repairing them. If the house is not visually attractive, purchasers will look for other properties that do look attractive.   Curb appeal is the first thing a buyer will take notice of.   Take your time to bring the place up to code and a get a designer if you have to. Make sure you check with your planning department in that local city to make sure you are up to code and make sure you research and understand the cost associated with your purchase.

Potential properties:
If  looking for homes brings you to a standstill and you just cannot decide on what to do then perhaps it would be best to rent a house for a while until you are prepared for which local market you would like to live in.   If you are a home owner and no one is interested in your home don’t allow it to sit for a long time thinking that someone will offer you the price you want.   Consider reducing your price a bit and see if that doesn’t stimulate some more buyers.   A good real estate agent can help with this.  If you are purchasing a home some things to consider are the basic upkeep and maintenance costs associated with being a homeowner.  If you rent you may not incur these associated costs as much as owning a home.   By renting a home this can give you some time to save some more money  and prepare for a tentative budget.  You can then take your time to search for prospective properties and to also find one at the right price.

Better investment:
For some people they think now may your time to purchase home for sale in San Diego, as it does not matter if it is a new home or older home that even may need a little bit of tender loving care.   Making an investment in this area could be a good investment.


The market has really made a comeback for those living in the San Diego market area.   With the number of homes for sale in San Diego and interest rates still being low now is the best time to buy. To make the process easy you may want to consider the help of a real estate agent; they can be useful in assisting you to go in the right direction and guide you along the way.   The internet is filled with great details and information about the real estate market.  By researching and doing a little bit of due diligence you can find that first time home feeling confident you made the right choice.